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Driving Lessons- Packages

Cheap Driving Lessons

45 Minute Package
  • 1 Lesson and Test
  • $209
60 Minute Package
  • 3 Lessons
  • 5 Lessons
  • 10 Lessons
  • 1 Lesson and Test
  • 2 Lessons and Test
  • 3 Lessons and Test
  • 5 Lessons and Test
  • 10 Lessons and Test
  • $210
  • $340
  • $650
  • $225
  • $295
  • $360
  • $490
  • $800
90 Minute Package
  • 1 Lesson
  • 3 Lessons
  • 5 Lessons
  • 1 Lessons and Test
  • 3 Lessons and Test
  • 5 Lessons and Test
  • $110
  • $300
  • $490
  • $260
  • $450
  • $640
  • Choose your package
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  • Payment details will be emailed to you (Including booking confirmation details and driving instructor details)
  • Please read our confirmation email in full
  • Make payment to secure your booking (use your name in transaction description)

Testing Fees. How Much Does It Cost To Go For Your Ps?

Alex Driving School testing fees are separate to Vicroads fees. Our testing fees include the use of our car and the presence and support of our instructor on test day. The client (learner driver, overseas driver) is required to contact Vicroads, book the drive test and make payment to Vicroads for the test booking. All Vicroads testing fees found here (Learner Knowledge Test, HPT and Drive Test). Alex Driving School covers every Vicroads location throughout Melbourne.

How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost in Melbourne Victoria?

The average price of a 1 hour driving lesson is around $65 to $75 per hour for reputable driving schools in Melbourne. Get cheapest driving lessons by purchasing a larger discounted package where you would rightly expect more affordable prices. Anything priced over $70 - $75 per hour would be considered expensive.

How Can I Learn To Drive Cheap?

Driving Lessons Can Be Expensive. The cheapest driving lessons are with family and friends which are hopefully free. Alex Driving School recommends a new learner driver begins with either 5 or 10 driving lessons by selecting from one of our cheap driving lesson packages. Assuming 5 driving lessons were booked and completed with one of our driving instructors then the learner driver would continue to drive with parents around the quiet back streets of the local neighbourhood.

If the parents feel comfortable they would take over and continue with driving lessons, eventually moving onto semi main and then main roads. The learner driver would return to Alex Driving School at around 120 log book hours for formal driver training specifically targeting passing a VicRoads driving test. If however after the initial 5 driving lessons the parents did not feel comfortable then the learner driver would take an additional 5 driving lessons with his/her driving instructor. Normally 10 professional driving lessons should be sufficient to begin driving with parents in quiet streets. The cheapest alternative is to bulk buy 10 driving lessons in the form of a cheap package prior to private driver training with parents. We hope this helps.

Cheap Driving Lesson Packages

Alex Driving School offers driving lessons & cheap packages In Melbourne. Booking multiple driving lessons is common therefore we offer a variety of cheap and affordable driving lesson packages which are designed to cover drivers of all levels from new learner drivers to experienced overseas drivers who have their perminant residency (PR) and preparing for an overseas licence conversion in many cases quick and at affordible prices.