Taking Driving Lessons in Melbourne

Professional Driving School in Melbourne

It is essential that any driving school in Melbourne offers professional driving lessons that are guaranteed to really help gain you an advantage on the Vicroads drive test.   Driving lessons should be affordable, conducted in a professional manner and all driving instructors must VTD licensed and extensively trained.  Learners can then gain driving skills necessary to pass the test and be safe drivers on the road.

The Drive Test

In order to receive your driver’s license, you must first pass the learner permit test, the Hazard Perception test and finally the Vicroads practical drive test. You can purchase the Learner hand book from your local Vicroads or news agency. Afterwards you will do a computer test, the Hazard Perception Test or HPT.  Finally the practical driving test and you will then be issued with a Victorian driver’s license. The driving test takes about half an hour and is split into stage 1 and stage2.  Most driving lessons are centered around the Vicroads drive test format and criteria, so learner drivers can gain an important advantage on the Vicroads test.  Accredited driving instructors should use modern and easy to understand instruction and in a calm manner.

Experienced driving instructors in Melbourne

The more experienced driving instructors in Melbourne follow a series of steps to describe and explain the specifics of the Vicroads drive test.  Your allocated driving instructor should explain how the Vicroads assessment works.  You will learn about the types of errors to look out for on the Vicroads driving test, such as immediate fails, critical errors, minor errors, and how such errors are marked by the Vicroads testing officer.  During your driving lessons Melbourne, you will drive on an actual Vicroads testing routes.  This allows you to learn exactly what will happen during Stage 1 (basic driving ability) and Stage 2 (driving on busier roads) of the Vicroads assessment while driving on the actual course.  You’ll need to know what happens on Stage 1 including parking and three-point turns.  Stage 2 consists of busier and in heavier traffic condition where you will be asked to change lanes, in multilane roads. Having an understanding of the types of instructions the Vicroads testing officer will ask you helps. Understanding the format of the driving test is also an advantage. Of course having practiced with friends, family and a professional driving school Melbourne is a must as a total lack of driving lessons experience will be apparent to the Vicroads testing officer. On the other hand the Vicroads testing officer is there to do a job. If you meet the criteria they are happy to issue you with a Victorian driver license.

Overseas Licence Conversion

Most overseas drivers will not require many driving lessons as you already have experience and have probably been driving in Melbourne for a period of time. However due to visa conditions you will have to take the Vicroads driving test and make an overseas licence conversion.
Getting familiarized with the actual Vicroads testing routes is a major advantage when attempting the Vicroads practical drive test and applicants that take the time to learn some of the testing routes with a driving instructor Melbourne will have a higher pass rate. Meeting your driving instructor at the Vicroads is to your advantage as the lessons can be conducted entirely on the actual Vicroads testing routes.