Tips – Vicroads Driving Test Roundabouts

The Vicroads Drive Test


  • When approaching roundabouts on the Vicroads drive test slow down so that you can stop if there are other cars within the roundabout and on your right and that includes the oncoming car with his right signal on.
  • Each roundabout needs to be treated on its own merits as some views on your right are great and other times the view on your right is terrible due to a high fence or wall.  In this case slow right down and press up against your give way line for the best view possible.
  • The roundabouts central island has bushes and the oncoming car has entered but we can’t see whether the right signal is on. Better wait and see.

If you approach the roundabout and all is clear then don’t stop at all as doing so is wrong, simply move along.

Good Luck in Passing The Vicroads Drive Test

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