Tips – Vicroads Drive Test In Your Own Car?

Vehicles that can be used for the Vicroads drive test

It must:

  • be registered, roadworthy, and clean
  • have both driver and passenger side mirrors
  • have a windscreen demister and a functioning rear window demister (where fitted)
  • have a seatbelt for all occupants
  • be able to maintain a comfortable temperature
  • be fitted with ‘L’ plates
  • have a working primary speedometer (as fitted by the manufacturer). The entire speedometer must be easily visible to the testing officer from the front and rear passenger seat. A supplementary display unit, excluding one that is GPS based can be used **
  • be capable of having the headlights (low beam) turned on during the test
  • be fitted with a centrally mounted handbrake that the front passenger can operate if required. Vehicles fitted with electric or foot operated park brakes cannot be used for solo tests (this is not required if a driving instructor is in the front passenger seat)
  • have doors that can be opened by the licence testing officer from inside the vehicle
  • have normal manual transmission if you want a manual driver licence to be issued.

Going for you Vicroads driving test with a professional driving instructor has its advantages:

  • the Vicroads testing officer can see you have taken professional driving lessons
  • because you have taken professional driving lessons your driving instructor has likely explained the testing procedure and the types of instructions you can expect from the Vicroads testing officer
  • your driving instructor has taken you over the testing routes and although you may not have covered all the Vicroads testing routes you at least have an idea of the format of the driving test

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