Tips – The Vicroads Driving Test Parking

The Vicroads Driving Test Parking

  • This is a slow maneuver so do it slowly.
  • You have between 2 and 4 moves to complete the parking
  • You have 2 minutes to complete the parking, which is plenty of time
  • Finish between 1 to 2 metres from the car in front of you
  • Finish approx. 30cm from the kerb
  • You don’t have to park between 2 cars only behind 1 car


  • Remember you can reverse further than normal (for the purpose of the test I suggest you do) to give yourself space because you don’t have to worry about a car being behind you
  • After completing the parking you still have to get out so:
    • Reverse but first look out your back window directly not thru your mirror and keep looking out your back window while reversing
    • Give yourself nice space to get out of the parking area (remember there is no car behind you so go back a little further than a normal situation)
    • Last but definitely not least, mirror signal (for 5 seconds) and a head check before leaving the kerb
    • When moving out of the kerb in a little side street you often need to go into the middle of the road first.  Make sure there is no oncoming car. If there is wait for it.
    • If it has taken you a while to leave the kerb check the mirror again and do the head check again. If the signal has canceled then put it back on.
    • Different instructors use different techniques, some catering for the test and others for real life situations.
    • mounting the kerb during this maneuver will be a critical error
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