The Vicroads Driving Test Fail For Speeding

Speeding (too fast)

◾During the Vicroads drive test when you see a 60km sign you will do 55km (we always do 5km under the speed limit as a buffer or safety precaution in case of lapse of concentration  or a downhill run so you hopefully go only as high as the speed limit and not over.

◾If you turn into a new street and don’t see any signs you must assume its 50km unless the tester tells you otherwise (for you 45km because you are on a test and we always do 5km under).

◾Permanent 40 – it’s always 40km 24 hours a day, until you DRIVE PAST a different speed sign or turn into a different street (and yes for you 35km because you’re on a test).

◾School Zone 40 – only on school days between school zone hours  8am until 9:30am and 2:30pm until 4:00pm, until you DRIVE PAST a different speed sign.  It is still school zone 40 after turning into a different street until you DRIVE PAST a different speed sign.

◾Roadwork ahead 40 until you DRIVE PAST end roadwork sign or turn into a different street

◾Without getting technical, if you go over the speed limit you can FAIL YOUR TEST. Even just 1km over the speed limit

◾Remember to enter any new speed zone at the correct speed i.e. if you are driving from a 70 zone to a 60 zone you must drop your speed to 60 (55 for you) prior to reaching the 60 sign, passing the sign and then dropping your speed is too late.

◾When going from a slower speed to a higher speed i.e. from a 40 zone to a 50 zone you must DRIVE PAST the 50 sign before you speed up.

Emphasis is put on DRIVE PAST as drivers start to speed up when they see the new speed sign, however you are still in the current speed zone until you physically DRIVE PAST the new speed sign therefore entering the new speed zone. Many people fail their test by getting this wrong.

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