Pass The Hazard Perception Test HPT – Hack

Pass The Hazard Perception Test HPT – Hack



This is a hack for passing The Hazard Perception Test HPT. I take no responsibility if people fail the test as a result of following these steps. These steps should only be taken as a last resort if you have attempted The Hazard Perception Test HPT several times and failed.  The reason I am giving this info away is because in this digital day and age I find the HPT to be a pathetic money grab. If they were serious about this test they would take some funds from those terrifying ads invest some real money and make proper gaming style consoles or cabin style simulators that would feel like the real thing. Instead they give you a 2D 1980’s video clip on a 17″ screen and a mouse.

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The Hack:

On every single question/clip of The Hazard Perception Test HPT where you should slow down count IN SECONDS 1,2,3 after the question/clip begins and click the mouse. That’s it! Good luck.

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