Tips – The Vicroads Driving Test Procedure

The Vicroads Drive Test Procedure

  • The Vicroads drive test is split into 2 stages. Stage 1 goes for 10 minutes and stage 2 for 20 minutes.
  • Stage 1 is the easy stage where you will drive mostly in back streets. You will have to perform a reverse parallel parking or 3 point turn. Typically the tester will ask you to do parking unless they cannot find an appropriate spot. You will then be asked to pull over and stop at the kerb where safe and the tester will add up your score. If all is good the tester will ask you to continue with the drive.
  • In stage 2 of the Vicroads drive test you will venture out onto main roads (multilane and high speed roads, major intersections) and amongst heavier traffic where you will be asked to perform turns and lane changes. In some cases the tester will ask you to perform lane changes and in other cases you will be forced to do lane changes due to traffic conditions i.e. parked car blocking your lane or left lane ends merge right sign. It is important you listen to the tester’s instructions and if in doubt you may ask the tester to repeat the instruction.

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Tips – Vicroads Drive Test In Your Own Car?

Vehicles that can be used for the Vicroads drive test

It must:

  • be registered, roadworthy, and clean
  • have both driver and passenger side mirrors
  • have a windscreen demister and a functioning rear window demister (where fitted)
  • have a seatbelt for all occupants
  • be able to maintain a comfortable temperature
  • be fitted with ‘L’ plates
  • have a working primary speedometer (as fitted by the manufacturer). The entire speedometer must be easily visible to the testing officer from the front and rear passenger seat. A supplementary display unit, excluding one that is GPS based can be used **
  • be capable of having the headlights (low beam) turned on during the test
  • be fitted with a centrally mounted handbrake that the front passenger can operate if required. Vehicles fitted with electric or foot operated park brakes cannot be used for solo tests (this is not required if a driving instructor is in the front passenger seat)
  • have doors that can be opened by the licence testing officer from inside the vehicle
  • have normal manual transmission if you want a manual driver licence to be issued.

Going for you Vicroads driving test with a professional driving instructor has its advantages:

  • the Vicroads testing officer can see you have taken professional driving lessons
  • because you have taken professional driving lessons your driving instructor has likely explained the testing procedure and the types of instructions you can expect from the Vicroads testing officer
  • your driving instructor has taken you over the testing routes and although you may not have covered all the Vicroads testing routes you at least have an idea of the format of the driving test

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Tips – Vicroads Driving Test – Speeding – Speed Limits

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Speeding (too fast)


  • During the drive test when you see a 60km sign you will do 55km (we always do 5km under the speed limit as a buffer or safety precaution in case of lapse of concentration  or a downhill run so you hopefully go only as high as the speed limit and not over.
  • If you turn into a new street and don’t see any signs you must assume its 50km unless the tester tells you otherwise (for you 45km because you are on a test and we always do 5km under).
  • Permanent 40 – it’s always 40km 24 hours a day, until you DRIVE PAST a different speed sign or turn into a different street (and yes for you 35km because you’re on a test).
  • School Zone 40 – only on school days between school zone hours
    8am until 9:30am and 2:30pm until 4:00pm, until you DRIVE PAST a different speed sign.  It is still school zone 40 after turning into a different street until you DRIVE PAST a different speed sign.
  • Roadwork ahead 40 until you DRIVE PAST end roadwork sign or turn into a different street
  • Without getting technical, if you go over the speed limit you can FAIL YOUR TEST. Even just 1km over the speed limit
  • Remember to enter any new speed zone at the correct speed i.e. if you are driving from a 70 zone to a 60 zone you must drop your speed to 60 (55 for you) prior to reaching the 60 sign, passing the sign and then dropping your speed is too late.
  • When going from a slower speed to a higher speed i.e. from a 40 zone to a 50 zone you must DRIVE PAST the 50 sign before you speed up.
  • Emphasis is put on DRIVE PAST as drivers start to speed up when they see the new speed sign, however you are still in the current speed zone until you physically DRIVE PAST the new speed sign therefore entering the new speed zone. Many people fail their test by getting this wrong.

Tips – Vicroads Driving Test Roundabouts

The Vicroads Drive Test


  • When approaching roundabouts on the Vicroads drive test slow down so that you can stop if there are other cars within the roundabout and on your right and that includes the oncoming car with his right signal on.
  • Each roundabout needs to be treated on its own merits as some views on your right are great and other times the view on your right is terrible due to a high fence or wall.  In this case slow right down and press up against your give way line for the best view possible.
  • The roundabouts central island has bushes and the oncoming car has entered but we can’t see whether the right signal is on. Better wait and see.

If you approach the roundabout and all is clear then don’t stop at all as doing so is wrong, simply move along.

Good Luck in Passing The Vicroads Drive Test

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Tips – The Vicroads Driving Test Parking

The Vicroads Driving Test Parking

  • This is a slow maneuver so do it slowly.
  • You have between 2 and 4 moves to complete the parking
  • You have 2 minutes to complete the parking, which is plenty of time
  • Finish between 1 to 2 metres from the car in front of you
  • Finish approx. 30cm from the kerb
  • You don’t have to park between 2 cars only behind 1 car


  • Remember you can reverse further than normal (for the purpose of the test I suggest you do) to give yourself space because you don’t have to worry about a car being behind you
  • After completing the parking you still have to get out so:
    • Reverse but first look out your back window directly not thru your mirror and keep looking out your back window while reversing
    • Give yourself nice space to get out of the parking area (remember there is no car behind you so go back a little further than a normal situation)
    • Last but definitely not least, mirror signal (for 5 seconds) and a head check before leaving the kerb
    • When moving out of the kerb in a little side street you often need to go into the middle of the road first.  Make sure there is no oncoming car. If there is wait for it.
    • If it has taken you a while to leave the kerb check the mirror again and do the head check again. If the signal has canceled then put it back on.
    • Different instructors use different techniques, some catering for the test and others for real life situations.
    • mounting the kerb during this maneuver will be a critical error
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