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Medical Review Driving Assessment – Occupational Therapy

Senior Drivers

A senior driver who recently had a car accident

may be required by law to undergo a Vicroads driving test to assess their competence as a driver. In many cases it’s simply an accident like any other but as the driver is an older driver he/she has no choice by law but to prove they are still safe on the road. The driver may not have had an accident for a very long time and is judged simply on his/her age.

Most senior drivers obtained their driving licence years ago and the driving test conditions where very different then. Most seniors have not had to undergo any type of test and doing one now at this stage in life is nerve racking. The fact is the senior driver finds it insulting they are being put under this type of scrutiny and in many cases they are not ready to give up their licence because they genuinely depend on it as one of life’s necessities.

The Vicroads driving test is strict and unless the driver is not only safe but also completely up to date with the Vicroads rules and regulations in every aspect of driving they will find it difficult to pass the test. Old habits which are not necessarily wrong or dangerous but old habits which do not comply with the modern style of a Vicroads drive test assessment can be a huge downfall. The senior driver is allowed 3 attempts at passing the test and if they have not passed they are not allowed any more driving tests resulting in losing their driver’s licence.

An alternative to the Vicroads driving test

Conduct the driving test with an independent occupational therapy assessor

In this case the applicant does not have to undergo the test in an unfamiliar area as with the Vicroads driving test. They may literally choose their own testing route. A route they use on a weekly basis such as driving from home to the local shops, from the shops to their local doctors, from the local doctors to a friend’s house, from the friend’s house back home. Old habits which impact the Vicroads drive test negatively do not matter just as long as the drive is safe. The occupational therapist comes to your home, away from the hustle and bustle of a Vicroads office and has a civilized and extensive chat with the applicant prior to the test. The occupational therapist assess the medical assessment driving test differently and not as harshly as a Vicroads testing officer. The end result is basically a much higher pass rate. In curtain situations the senior driver may have some restrictions but at least be allowed to drive in his/her local vicinity where it counts most.
It is however strongly recommended to first have a few driving lessons with a professional driving instructor who understands the occupational therapy driver assessment test.

Medical Condition

The above mentioned also applies for drivers who may have had a genuine medical problem recently such as surgery which may affect their driving therefore having to pass a driving test to show they are safe on the road.

Occupational Therapy Driver Assessors

For updated links to Information for Occupational Therapy Driver Assessors you may visit the Vicroads website

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