Vicroads Log Book – Do More Than 120 Hours

120 Hours? 130 Better

 A person under the age of 21 must complete 120 hours of driving. Drivers are required to log these hours in the Learner Log Book supplied by VicRoads, with all relevant signatures. Alex Driving School Melbourne instructors can fill your log book. Each hour logged by your driving instructors is ONLY 1 HOUR contrary to some myths floating around where they count as more. Drivers over the age of 21 are not required to fill a log book. Due to possible errors in your log book it’s better to fill your log book with at least 130 hours. Learners often make mistakes in their log book. On test day the Vicroads testing officer may void 1 or 2 entries. If you then fall short of the 120 hours your driving test will not be conducted.