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Tips To Pass Your Driving Test
A must read for all drivers who are taking their Vicroads drive test seriously!
  What does happen?
What do they really want to see from you?
What ARE the “tricks”?
Its hot info on what really happens on the Vicroads drive test!

The Vicroads Driving Test – Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights

  • As you approach traffic lights and you can see they have been green for a long time bring your speed down by 5km so you can stop behind the stop line easier in the case they turn amber/red.
  • If the lights turn to amber on approach, you are too close to the stop line and will not be able to stop behind it safely then drive through the lights. (always a good time to check your mirrors and be aware if that big truck behind you is going through also)
  • When you are stopped at traffic lights during your test it is not a time to relax and take a break.

If for example you are the first car on the line and turning left and the green left arrow pops up you must see it and go. If you don’t the car behind will grow impatient, beep at you and you can fail the test immediately.

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Tips To Pass Your Vicroads Driving Test