The Vicroads Drive Test – Driving Schools Melbourne

The Vicroads Drive Test – Driving Schools Melbourne

Whether you’re 16 years of age and trying to get your Learner Permit or you’re new to Melbourne and preparing for the VicRoads drive test, there are a number of processes which must take place.  Make an appointment for your Vicroads driving test, consider the following ways driving lessons will help you in obtaining your Victorian drivers licence on your first attempt.

The Driving Test Format

Pick up the hand book, read it properly and learn the rules and regulations in relation to obtaining a drivers licence in Victoria. Getting to know the testing routes is a massive advantage when attempting your Vicroads drive test. By finding a reputable driving school, you can learn the steps necessary to getting a permit or probationary licence. This can prevent errors that cost a driver time and money.

120 Hours? 130 Better

Before you can satisfy the requirements of your Learner Permit, a person under the age of 21 must complete 120 hours of driving. Drivers are required to log these hours in a Learner Log Book supplied by VicRoads, with the log bearing the signature of the learner and the supervising driver.

Driving instructors Melbourne can act as that supervising driver, helping drivers obtain the drive time required to qualify for a probationary licence. Drivers over the age of 21 are not required to earn 120 hours of drive time, but they are required to pass the VicRoads drive test. Due to possible errors in any individual log book it is always better to fill your log book with at least 130 hours. In the case where the Vicroads testing officer voids 1 or 2 of your log book entries you will not fall short of your 120 hours as a result. This way you may still do the test on the day.

Driving Lessons Count

Before you’ll be issued a probationary Victorian driver licence, you’ll be required to pass both a hazard perception test and drive test. The HTP is a computer simulated drive and the practical drive test is the on road real thing.

Through a driving school Melbourne, a driver can gain real experience behind the wheel with a professional instructor teaching you. Use driving instructors Melbourne that users recommend, perhaps from independent reviews like Google Reviews rather than testimonials embedded into driving school website.

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Driving Test

The content of the VicRoads Drive Test doesn’t have to be a mystery. The skilled driving instructors Melbourne should explain the Vicroads testing procedure in full. The types of instructions you can expect from the testing officer, the format of the actual test, what happens in stage 1 and stage 1. What the immediate termination errors are what the critical errors and minor errors are also. Having an understanding of these condition builds awareness which can only help. You’ll be prepared on test day because you’ll already have covered the essential issues with your driving instructors.

Through practice including preparing by learning the actual testing routes gives you the advantage when going for the Vicroads practical driving test.

Learn the Roads Rules

The lessons learned at your driving school Melbourne are not only to pass the test but for your safety in general once you have obtained your licence. You’ll learn important and practical tips which do not arise on every drive rather in certain circumstances which crop up occasionally.

Through the driving lessons Melbourne driving schools offer, you’ll learn such essential lessons as parking, three-point turns, turning around better known as U=turn.

Learn with a reputable driving school and learn skills that will not only enable you to pass the Vicroads practical drive test the first time but will keep you safe on the road for a long time to come.



Vicroads Drive Test Stop Signs

Not Coming To A Complete Stop At A Stop Sign On The Vicroads Drive Test Is An Immediate Fail.

There must be a STOP SIGN present for the following:

  • You must come to a complete stop just behind the stop line (not the stop sign but the line).  Just behind the line means within one metre of the line without the front of your car going over the line.
  •  If you are stopped as the second or third car behind someone it does not count as a stop
    • Until they leave and you become the first car on the line.
    • And then stop completely just behind the stop line.
  • After and only after you have done this as the first car on the line count inside your head 1,2,3 in seconds just to be sure you have actually stopped.
  • You must do this even if the road you are turning onto is clear and no cars are coming.
    • If your view is blocked due to parked cars or bins etc. stop first do the abovementioned and if the circumstances allow creep forward over the stop line for a better view.

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