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Alex Driving School  has a number of female driving instructors with new cars. Call us to find out more info.
Teaching methods are modern and easy to understand. During your driving lessons our Melbourne instructors will take you over the actual testing routes which is a massive advantage when attempting your drive test in any Melbourne Vicroads. Driving lessons Melbourne

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Tips – The Vicroads Driving Test Parking

The Vicroads Driving Test Parking

  • This is a slow maneuver so do it slowly.
  • You have between 2 and 4 moves to complete the parking
  • You have 2 minutes to complete the parking, which is plenty of time
  • Finish between 1 to 2 metres from the car in front of you
  • Finish approx. 30cm from the kerb
  • You don’t have to park between 2 cars only behind 1 car


  • Remember you can reverse further than normal (for the purpose of the test I suggest you do) to give yourself space because you don’t have to worry about a car being behind you
  • After completing the parking you still have to get out so:
    • Reverse but first look out your back window directly not thru your mirror and keep looking out your back window while reversing
    • Give yourself nice space to get out of the parking area (remember there is no car behind you so go back a little further than a normal situation)
    • Last but definitely not least, mirror signal (for 5 seconds) and a head check before leaving the kerb
    • When moving out of the kerb in a little side street you often need to go into the middle of the road first.  Make sure there is no oncoming car. If there is wait for it.
    • If it has taken you a while to leave the kerb check the mirror again and do the head check again. If the signal has canceled then put it back on.
    • Different instructors use different techniques, some catering for the test and others for real life situations.
    • mounting the kerb during this maneuver will be a critical error
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